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When I was in my youth we used to game in a study room of our public library. Then I didn’t think anything of it, although now It would never occur to me. Perhaps that’s because I have a private apartment now, free of judging parents or a pesky sister.

A few months ago we played a post-PAX East d&d game at a bar in Cambridge. The well-themed Celtic pub made a great environment for gaming, and the staff and nearby patrons were between amused to intrigued, but not disparaging. We had a good time, even if it was loud and alcohol fueled. Also we didn’t get through the adventure, but it was a good time. And playing out in the open, moved my gamer shame token down one notch on the track.

Tonight, instead of gaming we returned there just to hang out and geek out (without props)… well we did get a game of Pandemic in (and lost). Sometimes it’s good to get a little fresh air.

Where have you gamed in public? And I mean in a non gamey context. Cons don’t count.


8 thoughts on “Public Gaming

  1. That game was probably the highlight of Pax Easy for me. (which was a great weekend all around). I haven’t been able to pull a public game together, which makes me sad, it’s a good way to express the hobby.

  2. I played a session of D&D in a Steak and Shake once. No one particularly seemed to mind, but I prefer more private settings. The kind of games I like aren’t always appropriate for mixed company. I like the freedom to swear and discuss things that aren’t necessarily family-friendly.

  3. @Dan,
    It was a fun time. You’ll have to come back and make Tracy do it again.

    That’s a good point. There is a certain amount of restraint necessary to be in public. Of course that is true of most things, not just gaming 😀


    Yes. We had a couple of campaigns, we played all over the place, but Dickinson and the frat mostly.

  4. My group games in the basement of a pub in Central London, and we have the blessing of the staff to play there now; which is nice, because trying to find somewhere else would be very difficult.

  5. @Simon,

    Basement. Check. Pub. Check. London. Check. Totally awesome! My central London pub experience was less than friendly, but I’d love to give it a go again.

  6. I’ve always liked the strange views you get when talking about a roleplaying session with other players in public. The folks on the train never seem to make eye contact afterward. 🙂

    Public gaming is probably too much exposure than I like when roleplaying, as its one thing to be a dwarvish spearman with a thick accent in private, but in public it can feel silly. I’d try it for kicks though.

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