Catching Up on Gen Con

Like many people, I didn’t get to go to Gen Con this year. Thankfully there are a number of podcasts that have recorded interviews or whole panel sessions and have posted them for free on their sites. After listening to a bunch, I feel like I was there (at least, in a small part) even if I didn’t get to play or buy any games. Here are my recommendations if you want to catch up through podcasts.

  • The Official Dungeons and Dragons podcast. These guys have recording from their big panel sessions, which is basically like a State of the Union for D&D along with their future plans. The official podcasts seem to have the best audio clarity of these sessions, which is a big plus.
  • Fear the Boot. The guys from this podcast created a series of 3-6 minute videos from the con and social activities outside the main events. My favorite is Chad’s walk through the dealer halls, even if it is mostly his beard.
  • Atomic Array. These Ennie-award winning guys put out a bunch of ~30 min podcasts with 3-4 interviews each episode. The sound quality is pretty good and the interviews interesting with a good dose of familiarity between the hosts and interviewiees.
  • Tome Show. Jeff did a great job getting his panel recordings out while the con was still going on. Unfortunately the sounds quality is not great so go with the official D&D podcasts if they cover the same talks.

Any other good sources of live-recorded Gen Con goodness? For those who were at the con, how do these compare to the experience of being there?