Blog News

There’s been a lot going on in personal-life-land that’s made it hard to keep up my three times a week schedule. Long time followers may have noticed that I’ve missed it twice in the past two months. However, I don’t want to give up blogging, so I’ve done two things: (1) Accepted an offer to guest post on RPG Musings. I plan on posting there ~3 times a month on topics that will be more DM-focused or general role-playing. This way I can keep the player focus of this blog and still talk about other things. (2) I’m going to change my posting schedule. I’m going to instead try for 2 times a week: once on Tuesday/Wednesday and again on Thursday/Friday. I know that this makes it harder to know when to come to the page to read the latest post (sorry for that). Thankfully the Internet has several great solutions for that: follow me on twitter: @mikesdndblog, or subscribe to the RSS Feed. I recommend using Google Reader.

I wanted to thank all of you readers for your input and readership, and in particular for the comments on the posts. I feel like you all have helped me improve my game and have more fun.

So have a good 4th of July! I hope you all get some sun and some gaming in, and I’ll be coming at you next week. Here with an exciting post (7 Ways to Stab your DM with a Fork), and at RPG Musings with a cache of cursed item.