Where Do You Game?

A few months ago, this totally awesome D&D room made the internet rounds.  The guy has a totally crazy collection of gaming memorabilia, and a tricked out room to showcase it and play games. The description of the integrated lighting and sounds makes it seem more like a theme park attraction than a room in what might otherwise be a normal house.  Although I can’t imagine ever having enough rooms in my house to dedicate one entirely to gaming, I wouldn’t mind upping my geek cred by having a regular space for games and gaming.

We don’t game at my apartment because the space isn’t sized, shaped, or furnished for it. Instead our GM hosts the game in her dining room. As you can see here, she’s got a sweet setup with computer and recording equipment. On the table is our books, character sheets, and minis representing the heroes about to die. Although some libations did make it into the photo, missing is the awesome pulled pork we had for dinner.

Our Gaming Room

Where do you game? Growing up we gamed in kitchens, basements, and the public library. In college we generally used a study room or the floor of someone’s dorm. Now that I’m a little older, I insist on an actual table and chairs. Of course people are now gaming over the internet, which makes space less of an issue, if you’ve got a laptop and a desk or table.


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  1. In our living room. We started out playing our game on our bed. Because, yes, my bed was in my living room for well over a year. (Life after divorce = no sofa for a while. Amongst other things.)

    Now, though, we’re still in the living room, but we finally have a sofa and a coffee table. But as soon as we get table and chairs, I’ll insist on moving to the dining area of our apartment. The closer I am to the food, the happier I’ll be. 😀

  2. How cool are this coincidences… My gaming group has been playing at the same spot for over two years now, is the place of one of us, and we always play in a round wooden table in the living room, its a nice setting with some book shelves around and the only problem are the sits, there are never enough ( curiously, we know that problem exist and yet do nothing to solve it other than improvise chairs in the las 5 min before the game ) but the space is more than enough to place all 7 of us.

    Anyhow, last few weeks on a completely random move one of the player suggested we gamed at his house, we end up having great fun with the change of scenario (says me who was somewhat reluctant to the idea n_n) although some of the commodities prove to be a problem (there was a really nice couch that ended up housing one of the PC’s and we have to end the session earlier) it was a great session.

    And later this week happened again, another PC offered his house, this time the table was a little bit smaller so the space was more limited but we end up having a great time! we decided to buy some pizzas and soda to smooth the time and even ended up taking pictures of the session (a first for us XD) at the end of the night the DM suggested that next session could be in his house.

    So ive notice a change of location has work great for us introducing some renewed fun in a somewhat repetitive gaming sessions, i recommend you try that sometime 🙂

  3. In our living room/kitchen. I bought a table that measures 4.5 feet by 6.5 feet. It’s just big enough for everything we pile on it.

  4. @DM Baloo,

    The change-up is a great idea. I don’t know how well it would work for our group due to an assortment of space and roommate issues; however changing the environment is a good way to keep things fresh.

    Next step: a Geek Chiq Sultan!

  5. For the first time in my life I am living in a place where I do have a dedicated room in our house for my RPGing, video gaming, and assorted other geekery, so we play in that room. The only issue is it’s quite small, and can be problematic to accommodate six or more players, especially if some of my ‘plus sized’ game friends are present. That said, it’s comfortable, there’s ample comfy seating, and it’s handy to the kitchen. It’s also great to have my whole game library on shelves in the room to refer to instead of having to take a pile of books with me to the game 🙂

  6. You’re lucky, and yes, I know I’m talking about an ole 4 chairs and a table set up when I say that.

    For some odd reason, my fellow gamers insist on having games in living rooms with low level coffee tables or in bedrooms where there is nothing more than a desk to barely hold a grid. For them, comfort takes precedence over practicality.

    I on the other hand, prefer that everyone sits upright. No playing with the stomach on the bed, no playing on coffee tables where people have to bend over to read their character sheet, and more importantly, no using the laptop for anything other than looking at your character.

  7. @Matthew,
    If it were only that easy to refrain from using the table tech for anything other than gaming! There is something nice about the formality about being around the table that makes it easier to stay focused.

  8. Looking over the comments, it doesn’t appear that playing in public is too common. I have a group that meets twice a week. One game is at a groupmember home. That one is a closed, “invitation only” game. But one day a week we play at a table at a local game shop. The noise from the MTG and Pokemon tournements makes it a little challenging, but we keep that game strictly low-level for the purpose of encouraging new players and giving the game public exposure.

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