Half-Completed Characters

I’ve been having a lot of trouble coming up with a post today. I had about 8 half-done posts but I haven’t been able to find the enthusiasm to finish any of them. So I started writing some new posts and I’ve now added an additional six onto that pile just in the past two days. It’s been challenging to come up with something regular to talk about. In fact, it’s a higher standard than I hold my gaming… I don’t regularly game ever week!

Thankfully for today as I stared at my pile of half-posts I came up with this thought… “this is similar to my pile of half-finished characters.”

I have a binder at home filled with green 2nd Edition character sheets that never made it to the gaming table. Some of those characters were completed as far as having equipment and a character doodle, but many were just ability scores and race/class combinations. With the Character Builder, it’s way easy to make characters, and it in fact it’s hard not to completely build a character (or at least though equipment buying…where the UI quality really starts to drop off). Because of this I have a folder filled with 4e characters that I’ll never play… Some things never change!

So, what should I do with them? There has to be something better than letting them collect electronic dust. My first thought was to create a Heroes Gallery on the site, but I don’t see the benefit. These characters are all pretty much non-unique or at least not in any meaningful way.

Nor do I think that I’ll ever go back to them when I need to call up a hero… I pretty much just make one from scratch for each campaign, but yet I’m not ready to delete them either. Maybe I’ll just add them to that great ZIP archive in the clouds…


One thought on “Half-Completed Characters

  1. I was going to suggest creating a genetic algorithm to auto-generate offspring characters but then you’ll end up with even more characters for the attic.

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