Restaurant Recommendations [Twenty Questions]

What is your character’s favorite place to eat? What about when she’s in Sharn? Waterdeep? Sigil? What kind of food does he or she like? Elven? Dwarven? Northern Halfling? Seafood? Underdark mushroom risotto with Ithilid meat?

I’m trying out a new format today: 20 questions about an aspect of a character. This week it’s food. The idea is to inspire and challenge all of us to further develop our characters. Who knows… this may lead to a role-playing opportunity. Or at least the next time the party is in a tavern and the GM asks “what do you do?” you don’t  blind answer order steak, potatoes, and ale…unless of course that is what your character likes.

So here it goes, 20 questions about food for your character:

  1. Does he/she have any racial dietary restrictions? Warforged don’t eat, Wilden likely eat dirt and sunlight, but mamallian races are probably omnivores.
  2. Does he/she have religious dietary restrictions? Different deities might restrict what their followers should eat. For instance followers of Pelor might not eat anything that doesn’t grow in sunlight.
  3. Does he/she have food allergies?
  4. Is he/she a vegetarian?
  5. What food grosses him/her out?
  6. What did his/her parents/servants like to make?
  7. What is the culinary specialty of his/her homeland?
  8. Does he/she have a sweet tooth?
  9. Is he/she a picky eater?
  10. Is he/she an aggressive eater? Did she grow up in a household where there was competition for food? Does he finish other people’s plates (maybe before they are done)?
  11. Are there particular colors of food he/she is drawn towards or away from?
  12. What food is associated with his/her favorite festival?
  13. Does he/she drink alcohol?
  14. Does he/she prefer making food or dining out?
  15. Are his/her trail rations simple jerky or hard tack or something fancy? Does it come in a silk-lined tin, or just thrown at the bottom of the bag?
  16. Any weird rules about food? E.g. doesn’t eat meat from flying creatures or only eats fruits with the seeds on the outside, etc?
  17. Cookies or cupcakes?
  18. Do all the ingredients have sit separately on the plate or jumbled together?
  19. How does he/she eat a Reeses?
  20. What is his/her favorite food?

Two bonus questions:

  1. Crunchy or creamy?
  2. Vanilla or chocolate?

Let me know if this format is interesting and if thinking about these helps with character generation. Bon Appetit!


6 thoughts on “Restaurant Recommendations [Twenty Questions]

  1. I don’t know whether this will actually help with character creation or not in my group, but it’s at least an interesting read! I’m trying to get better at the role playing aspects of my group’s game, and this is the kind of thing that might give me some inspiration. Thanks!

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