How to Bring Suggestions to Your GM

I almost didn’t post this today because I’m in the middle of reading Difficult Conversations book. So far seems to advocate treating other people like they’re human beings in their own right, deserving of respect and understanding. If the advice in it turns out to be good, I’ll try to distill some of it down into a follow-up post, but what has me fired up right now are some comments on Chatty DM’s post about cramming too much awesomeness into a single encounter. Commenters Denubis and Charisma both mentioned that were going to share that article with their respective GMs. I wonder how they’ll bring that subject up at their game table.  I know if I printed out some article on the web and gave it my DM, she’d probably kill my character out of spite and resurrect him has a halfling.

In all seriousness, how do you bring new ideas to your GM? This really hasn’t been an issue for me since mine is friendly with the gamerati on the webosphere, but I imagine not GM is open to adjusting his or her play style. This more of an open question than an advice article. I’m a programmer by trade and am not a professional mediator or councilor.  I imagine if you print out a post and give it to your friend: “Here you need to read this” is the not friendliest way to share information. Does your GM ask for feedback, or is he open to discuss how is the game going?

One nice thing about Chatty’s post is the way that he phrases it. He does not say “my encounters have too much stuff going on that it’s hard for me to manage and distracts the players to the point where it takes away from the game”, but instead says “I’m cramming in too much awesome.” When bringing up a sensitive subject, be sure to phrase things positively and give lots of feedback about what aspects are working and that you enjoy. Remember too that that your fellow players may not see the same areas of improvement as you do. What I do in these situation is share the conversation with everybody, usually like “did you see latest post from Sly Flourish? Isn’t that beholder wicked awesome? We should go find one of those to fight…” That might get the hint across that you want to fight a beholder and then if other people get jazzed by it, your DM can find a way to work one in.

Enough of that ramble… so, how do people bring continuous improvement to your gaming group?

PS @SarahDarkmagic, at no time does Skamos want to encounter a Beholder or any of its ilk.