I’m at PAX East

If I’ve set things up correctly this post will drop while I am hanging at PAX East! It’s been months of looking forward to get my geek on, and I’m sure it won’t disappoint. Assuming my internet connection is good, and you want to meet up, tweet me @TheMikeKatz. The next few days are going to be crazy so I may not have a post ready for Monday. If not I’ll have my post-PAX post ready to go on Wednesday. In the meantime, this is how I’m preparing…




  • I’ve got my board games:
  • I’ve got my role playing books, paper, pencils, dice, minis, etc:
  • I’ve got snacks, nintendo DS, iPod touch, camera, and chargers…

Now all I need to do is figure out to cram everything into a small, unobtrusive bag and where to park…

Have a great weekend everyone! And if you’re not there, get your group together and play.


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