What to do in an off-week

One problem with adulthood is that there are a lot of competing interests for one’s time. No matter what we might try, life happens and we don’t get to game every week. When we can, we still get together for some non-gaming hanging out. For those occasions I keep the D&D cartoon dvd set, runebound, and munchkin in my car. But sometimes we just punt on the week altogether.

On those occasions, I like to make up that lost time by working on my game. I l use that off night to spruce up my character sheet and update the stats on my power cards. Some other non-game night activities:

  1. Reorganize my game bag. I always seem to wind up carrying an extra DMG or power cards for an old character for no reason. Also my dice bag seems to drop a die into the bowels of the bag from time to time.
  2. Plan for the future. I like to review the feat and power options available for near levels and work on my back story and how that leads into a paragon class.
  3. Look for inspiration in other fantasy sources. Watch some LotR, play a little Oblivion, catch up on some gaming blogs and podcasts (see the link roll on the right), and otherwise get ideas and pumped up for the next week.
  4. Relax. Have a beer and watch some Law and Order. Sometimes its nice to just have a week off to recharge the gaming batteries. Plus there’s truth in absence makes the heart grow fonder

What do you guys do on an off week?


One thought on “What to do in an off-week

  1. I like to dream up ways of killing your characters, but that’s just me 😉

    Actually, I try to use my downtime to write short ideas for the game. I came up with 5 moleskine pages of notes while waiting for Fred at the Wheel of Time book signing last week.

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