Player’s Handbook Power Cards

I was browsing wizard’s web site to see what products are up and coming. I guess a lot of the advertising they used to do is now only for paying customers on DDI.

I see that this month they are coming out with Player’s Handbook Power Cards. It’s a pack of power cards per class. Power cards are pretty awesome. We’ve been using them quite effectively in our group, and I’m all for having some high quality cards for this purpose. The box is $80 for sixteen packs, so I imagine that the retail per pack will be about $6-10, which is reasonable if they were everything I dream and hope.

However, I doubt this will be the case. If it’s a 100 class-specific cards, then I doubt they’ll have the race powers, feat powers, magic items powers that also require cards for the cards to be effective. And it seems dumb to release them for the PHB1 classes only in the month that the PHB2 comes out. I’d rather pay for a blank pack of 100 cards and fill out them out individually (especially since powers are gained infrequently in real life terms), if the cards are sufficient quality.